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For The Love Of Paper

Directed by Kersherka Sivakumaran, "For The Love of Paper" presents a poignant narrative that delves into the complexities of immigration, friendship, and love. The play boasts a heartfelt story that resonates deeply with its audience, thanks in large part to the powerful performances by Almitra Mavalvala as Amaliah, Antony Makhlouf as Kaveh, and Joseph Raboy in a variety of supporting roles.


Almitra Mavalvala's portrayal of Amaliah is filled with raw emotion and power. Her character's anger sometimes overshadowed other potential nuances, however she shines with her comedic timing adding a certain light to the production. Antony Makhlouf, on the other hand, delivered a beautiful and nuanced performance as Kaveh, making the character incredibly personable and engaging. Joseph Raboy's versatile acting brought a range of characters to life, effectively tying the narrative together.


Image by @calvljh

The inclusion of live music, performed by Almitra, added a unique layer to the production. While the musical interludes were impactful, I would have appreciated more frequent and varied use of this element throughout the play.


One of the play's weaknesses lies in its set design. The stage felt overcrowded and underutilized, missing opportunities to enhance the storytelling visually. The script also suffered from excessive exposition, leading to a climax that felt somewhat abrupt given the buildup.


The story itself is both moving and relevant, tackling important issues such as immigration, cultural clashes, and the search for true love. Amaliah and Kaveh's journey through the bureaucratic maze of immigration laws is filled with humor and unpredictability, keeping the audience engaged and invested in their quest for a happy future.


 Image Credit: LSH Media

In conclusion, "For The Love of Paper" is a compelling production with a powerful story and standout performances. While it could benefit from some refinement in terms of set design, pacing, and character development, the play's impact is undeniable. It raises important questions about love, friendship, and the challenges faced by immigrants, making it a relevant and thought-provoking theatrical experience.

For the Love of Paper is playing at KXT on BROADWAY until 20th April. Get tickets here.



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